LinkedIn is Launching a Freelancing Platform

Alexandra Fasulo

Looks like LinkedIn is joining the world of freelancing! In this video, I go over how to set up your LinkedIn Service Page so you can start sharing your services with clients on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has hinted they will be launching a full-scale platform this fall. Having your services page all set up will undoubtedly give you a competitive advantage. I hope you find this video helpful!

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Alexandra Fasulo ‘the Freelance Fairy’ is a Fiverr millionaire, Fiverr PRO copywriter, and host of the Freelance Fairytales podcast. She is a recognized gig economist, CNBC Make It financial independence success story, and mentor to millions of people looking to break into freelancing.

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Video Chapters:
0:00 Intro
1:55 LinkedIn is launching a new platform
2:05 You can set up a profile now, set up now to get grandfathered in!
2:26 I am going to give you my tips for setting up my profile!
2:40 Go update your regular LinkedIn Profile, get a professional headshot!
3:10 I am working on putting more value into my LinkedIn
3:35 How to set up LinkedIn Services Page
3:50 You will first need to follow the troubleshooting tips
4:02 You have to be approved into LI Service Provider Group before you can set up your service page
4:20 You should be approved within 24 hours
4:50 Once approved, you can set up your profile!
5:20 Step 1: Providing Services
5:48 Step 2: Add your service description
6:19 Step 3: Don’t forget to add specific services!
7:00 Step 4: You can preview and publish your services page!
7:17 Step 5: Edit your published service page if necessary
7:40 Be sure to utilize all characters in your about/description section
7:48 Utilize your keywords to optimize for SEO purposes
7:57 Copy and share your unique services page link to your socials, website, etc.
8:05 Summary!