I made 60 YouTube shorts in 60 mins with just 2 AI tools

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We wanted to find out exactly how hard it is to make simple YouTube shorts and grow a brand-new faceless YouTube channel! And you’re not going to believe the results.

We’re going to show you how we created 60 YouTube shorts in under 60 minutes just by using 2 simple AI tools. And we’ve made the process so unbelievably simple for you that you will definitely want to kickstart your own faceless channel after watching this video.

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Here are the template links you can use:

Here is the ChatGPT prompt that you can use. Just replace the Examples and tweak the first sentence to say what kind of quotes you want and keep using it to generate unlimited ideas:

“I need 10 relatable short quotes about success. These need to be divided into two parts where the first part is a hook and makes the reader intrigued to know the second part. The language needs to be super simple and not flowery or preachy. don’t use complicated words. You can use these two examples as reference:

Quote 1
First part: If you want to be successful…
Second part: You have to be willing to deal with pain

Quote 2
First part: Remember if god is shaking your nest
Second part: He’s preparing you for flight”


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