How To Test Facebook Ads Spending $200+/day (Step-by-step)

Vertex Marketing Agency

You absolutely need to test creatives. Here’s tutorial by Sydney on how to structure your creative tests on Facebook.

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00:00 Introduction
2:08 How Facebook’s audience targeting is different now than it used to be
3:04 How many creatives to test at once with your Facebook ads
3:36 Best practice: limit the number of variables you test
5:22 How to test primary texts and headlines
6:36 Using the breakdown feature to analyze the performance of your copy (primary text and headlines)
7:36 How long should you run a creative test onFaceook/meta ads?
8:42 What to do after you made a test… where do you put your ad after you test the creative?
11:00 What to do after a creative test… *continued this is really important*
14:02 When do you need to make a new creative test?
15:15 How to choose which products to promote