How to Set Up Your Service Page on LinkedIn | LinkedIn Marketplace

Aniket Biswas

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In this video I go over the recent new announcement of LinkedIn getting into the gig economy. In addition to the big dogs Fiverr & Upwork, there’s gonna be a new freelance platform – LinkedIn Marketplace. I also go over how to set up your service page on LinkedIn as of now before the launch & prepare yourself early in the party. According to experts, LinkedIn Marketplace is going to give serious competition to Fiverr & others.

00:00 – Huge Company entering the gig company
00:45 – Why freelancing will be much bigger
01:21 – Bigger & better qualified clients
01:49 – Things You need to know
02:24 – How to set up your service page
05:17 – About Me & End Thoughts

My name’s Aniket and on this channel I show you how to make money online as a teenager and document my journey as I go through the process of building wealth, side hustles & making money online in order to achieve that freestyle life.


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