Community-Based Marketing: The Future of Business

Social Media Examiner

Is your marketing fizzling out? Are you wondering how to employ a sustainable strategy to grow your business? Discover the benefits of community and why it’s a powerful marketing strategy.

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⏰ Timestamps
00:00 Intro
01:04 The Importance Of Community For Business
10:15 Why Business Communities Fail
13:12 Community-Based Marketing Strategy And The Emotional Continuum
19:26 Community-Based Marketing: Define A Purpose For Your Community-Based Marketing
23:46 Customer Moderators: The Critical Importance Of Status In Community-Based Marketing
27:01 Community-Based Marketing: How To Cultivate And Grow A Community For Marketing
38:09 How To Establish Standards And Expectations For Business-Based Community
40:15 Community-Based Marketing: Community-Based Marketing: How To Co-Create With Your Community Members

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